To the scrap heap


The demolition of the “torsional wave” structure that stood outside the now-defunct Fort Discovery generated buzz as readers counted the costs to Augusta taxpayers. On Tuesday, a source said the 72-foot-tower, originally hailed as “a beacon” for the education of children, would be recycled for scrap.


RAUL: “No telling how much the NSC cost the taxpayer with facilities, exhibits and high paying government jobs. I went 2-3 times with my daughter and half of the exhibits were inoperative. Write off another government wasteful project, however well intended.”

TRULYWORRIED: “And yet it is sad - nothing seems to last any length of time anymore.

“The world is changing a lot - from one day to the next - unfortunately not exactly in a good way.”

ILOVE: “Is there anyone that still respects the acquisition of knowledge? Does anyone still value education?”


Local web designer Chris Harrison tweeted a photo of the demolition.

@CDHARRISON (Chris Harrison): Goodbye, whatever you were. @ Riverwalk


Historical marker

The June 3 editorial on the federal health-care law asked, “If the government can order us to buy health insurance, what can’t it do?” Readers weighed in with their thoughts on “Obamacare.”


HUCKLEBUCK: “I am a republican and while Obamacare isn’t perfect but the repubs have brought nothing to the table. … Personally I think that its going to be struck down and we may see a bigger push towards a single payer system or a system redesigned around the court’s opinion and constitution concerns.”

ITSANOTHERDAY1: “If you consider the rules surrounding Obamacare; it is clearly greasing the path to single payer and giving a push to boot. They could have easily fixed the “uninsured” piece of the issue in a one or two page bill by just addressing that “slot” of people making too much for Medicaid and not enough to buy insurance on the open market. No question, our problems in the healthcare industry are larger than that, but they can be taken on one by one in separate legislation.”


Vote ’em out

David Henderson of Augusta penned a letter to the editor about the “all-out war on women by a Republican Party” that not only wants to ban abortion, but also contraception and family planning. His solution? “We can’t change these Tea Party Republicans. We can’t even reason with them. We have to vote them out.”


THINKFORYOURSELF: “As a woman, Where is this war? Is it hiding? Is it secret?
You should really stop taking your talking points straight from the DNC and THINK FOR YOURSELF. … It’s a good thing that the Status Quo in washington has been shaken up by the Tea Party members, finally there are members who are listening to their constituents.”

EB97: “I always find it disturbing when a man starts explaining how women’s rights are being taken away or being limited as tho they know how all women think and feel about various issues. Please allow women to speak for themselves. They do not need an unknowing male to think and speak for them.”


Twitter lighted up with ringside photos from the WWE Smackdown World Tour recently. @BackstageJames, the official twitter account for the James Brown Arena and Bell Auditorium, retweeted a shot from Matt Ames.

@MATTAMES (Matt Ames): Just a little @WWE in Augusta, GA tonight!


Sun show

Twitter users weren’t as successful sharing photos of the transit of Venus Tuesday. Augusta’s weather didn’t lend for great pictures of the rare event, when the planet made a pass in front of the sun.


@DORNSTAR1 (Nate Dorn): So much for my transit of venus viewing party. Stupid clouds.


A lucky few, however, managed to catch a glimpse as the clouds cleared.

@JENNFREEMAN421 (Jennifer Freeman): Blinded by the light! #venus

@JENNFREEMAN421: Def just damaged my eyes forever #transitofvenus



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