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Get well, Aimee

In the weeks since Aimee Copeland contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial infection that threatened her life, Twitter users have used the hashtag #getwellaimee to send get well wishes to the 24-year-old grad student,
who is being treated in Augusta. Add your own well-wishes at


@UNIQUELYME_SSW: My prayers going out to Aimee Copeland this morning! Her story is one of triumph, strength, and faith! God is able! #getwellAimee


@JESSALYNNE519: Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright. - Bob Marley -- Keep fighting pretty girl! #getwellaimee


Country artist Corey Durkin tweeted about his travels to Augusta to play a song he wrote for Aimee titled Southern Belle.

@COREYDURKIN: Just played for Aimee @ the hospital in GA...we talked for a bit (lip reading) & I had a blast playing for her, what an amazing girl.


Aimee’s father, Andy Copeland, has said the family trusts that God will take care of them, inspiring online readers to remark on the strength of the family’s Christian faith. In his blog at, he wrote:

“I tell her not to worry, I tell her to concentrate on breathing, I ask her to pray and meditate on healing. I hold her and pray while she prays. This is all we can do now and I can honestly say it works quite well. I believe this has helped speed her healing process. What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us? Romans 8:31”


ANINSIDER: God works in mysterious ways. This young lady’s story is definitely straight from Heaven to our hearts. She is an inspiration to all of us.

STILLAMAZED: I think that in the face of death people really realize how strong they are and realize how unimportant other things are and she has done that. She is an amazing young woman and her family is amazing as well.

EQUALTREATMENTFORALL: God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. This young lady is a brave Christian woman who knows that God is in control and trusts in him. What a amazing testimony she is.

Beryl moves in

The named tropical storm brought wind and rain to Augusta on Tuesday – and tweets.

@STACIEWELLS: The first of the rain from tropical storm Beryl @ Mistletoe state park

@REVSCOTTEP: My vegetables & I welcome Beryl to Augusta.

@GREGSMITHMD (GREG SMITH): Good morning, Beryl. Drag out the ark.

@THORPAY (DAVID THORPE): Really looking forward to Storm Beryl ruining my best tee time of the year tomorrow...

Bust or boom?

Downtown Augusta merchants disagreed over whether the creation of a business improvement district in 2008 brought business back to a cleaner, safer downtown. Readers offered their own insights into what makes a viable downtown.

NEWSFLASH: I dont understand why downtown isnt booming. Look at Aiken’s Main street.........jumping ! I guess one observation is the city leaders of Aiken seem to get along pretty well and Augusta’s fight like cats and dogs or they are portrayed that way in the news. I try to go to Augusta’s Broad street whenever possible and would love to see it really take off. Keeping my fingers crossed.

OMNOMNOM: a viable downtown needs more than restaurants and bars opening. a real grocery store would be a good start. we used to have a hardware store down there just two years ago. now its pretty much loan sharks, pawn shops, bars, restaurants, art galleries and, antique stores. not too much of anything you need everyday (except coffee or one of daves books).... give me, an ace hardware/ radio shack/ grocery store/ drugstore/ i’d be downtown every other day


Mother of all letters

Readers reacted strongly online to a letter to the editor Wednesday from Michael Ledo of Windsor, S.C. Ledo argued that Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, had it easy as a stay-at-home mom: “One of the most overrated jobs is motherhood. Nearly half the people on the planet are able to perform it.”


AGUSTINIAN: Half of us cannot do the job of mother. I’ve tried to stay home and raise kids -- it is much easier to go to some mindless, deadend job than to raise kids meaningfully --teach them to read, to be a decent human being, to learn the essence of being an American citizen, to respect the feelings of others. If half of us can do this job -- why do we have kids who are so screwed up?

INCHRISTLOVE: I hope Michael’s mom doesn’t read this letter. :(

INSIDER INFORMATION: Translation of Michael’s letter.... Dear Mom,

You did a job any monkey with a TV and a remote could do. I owe nothing to you. I changed my diaper. I taught myself to tie my shoes. In fact, I breastfed myself. And, that whole labor thing? Piece of cake. Months of morning sickness? So, what? Thanks for nothing.

Oh, and happy belated Mother’s Day.

Your son,




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