Fundraisers help animals immensely



We are very proud to announce that Village Deli and lots of our Friends held our annual charity golf tournament and silent auction May 4, on behalf of the animal care and support group That’s What Friends Are For.

The exciting news is that we were able to raise nearly $30,000 for animal rescue work and spay/neuter programs. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, the generous donations we received, the golfers and shoppers who supported us, this event, held at the lovely Goshen Plantation Golf Club, was a huge success.


OUR FRIENDS AT Warrenton Auto Sales donated a vehicle to us so that we could raffle it off, and we announced the lucky winner at our tournament. This was a wonderful new addition to our fundraiser, and we are very grateful. You can see and order pictures from this fun event, and others at, compliments of Jennifer Weaver.

The funds we raise allow us to make donations to local animal rescue organizations that are doing lots of really good work, and still keep a reserve to fund our spay/neuter program. These funds, together with grants we receive (from the Community Foundation of the CSRA, and the Build-A-Bear Workshop) and donations given to us throughout the year, enable us to offer 25 free spay/neuter vouchers each month to people who cannot afford this expense for their pets.

Fundraising events, such as ours, are a great way to spread awareness of the responsibilities of pet ownership, and to stop the cycle of animal abuse and neglect. Yet many people are still unaware of the huge numbers of companion animals that are euthanized at local shelters, simply because there are so many of them. The importance of spay/neuter cannot be stressed enough. For more information about our spay/neuter program, contact us at


VOLUNTEERING IN THE world of animal rescue work can be very fulfilling. Once you look into the eyes of an animal in need, there is just no turning away. The lasting friendships you make among animal rescue volunteers will amaze you; fill your heart with gladness and hope; and empower you in ways that will probably surprise you. The ripple effect, when you inspire someone else, will help spread kindness and generosity throughout our neighborhoods, our community and our country.

Journalist and author John Grogan once said: “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”

That’s What Friends Are For, our nonprofit organization, accepts tax-deductible donations year-round to help reach our goal of reducing and ultimately eliminating the unbearable suffering and needless euthanasia of adoptable animals because of overpopulation. No one in our organization is compensated, and nearly everything is donated. It truly is all about the animals to us.


CONTRIBUTIONS CAN BE mailed to us in care of the Village Deli, 2803 Wrightsboro Road, Suite 28, Augusta, GA 30909; or go to our Web site to use PayPal.

This is truly what friends are for.


(The writer – co-owner of the Village Deli in Augusta – is the founder and president of the animal rescue group That’s What Friends Are For.)



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