Citizens should stand with corporate sponsors to support United Way



As a longtime nuclear plant operator and engineer, and current United Way of the CSRA board member, I know the importance of teamwork.

It takes everyone pulling together to achieve established goals, much the same as the United Way brings people together to address our community’s most important issues.


ON BEHALF OF Southern Nuclear Operating Co. Inc., Georgia Power Co. and all of the employees at Plant Vogtle, I want to share our enthusiasm and support for United Way of the CSRA. I am proud of our employees’ efforts as we continue to work together to wrap up another successful annual United Way campaign.

We are a proud sponsor of United Way of the CSRA because we not only work here, we live here, too. Our employees champion the work of United Way and are also Little League coaches, members of church vestries, civic club leaders and volunteers in numerous local nonprofit organizations.

There is a unique interdependence between the power company and the communities it serves. Our foundation is built on being a good corporate citizen because we are measured not only by the price of our product, but also by the numerous ways we are stewards in the communities we serve.


PRESTON ARKWRIGHT, one of Georgia Power’s earliest presidents, built our company on a simple declaration. He said as Georgia Power grew it would become an intimate, permanent part of those communities. In doing so, he established a motto that we still use today – “A Citizen Wherever We Serve.” We take that phrase to heart, and hope that you do as well.

As we continue to build Vogtle Units Three and Four, our local economy will thrive even more. More than 5,000 jobs will be on-site during peak construction, with 800 permanent jobs needed to operate the new units. That economic impact will be felt through our contributions to United Way as well.

The campaign is not over, with several weeks remaining. While we’re pleased with the results so far, we need your help to finish strong during these difficult economic times. I want to encourage everyone to share whatever you can so thousands of our neighbors can get back on their feet.

It’s important to the well-being of our communities that we support the United Way agencies and help our neighbors who are less fortunate.


OUR MISSION AT Plant Vogtle is to make sure our product (clean, safe, reliable and affordable power) is there when people need it. The same can be said for the mission of United Way and its partnering agencies.

Please join the employees of Plant Vogtle and continue to support United Way of the CSRA. Lives depend on it.


(The writer is vice president of Plant Vogtle Units Three and Four, and a United Way of the CSRA board member,)


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