Donations for spaying, neutering would help curb animal overpopulation

Have you ever seen a homeless dog or cat and wished you could do something to help them? Here’s your chance. You can help by being part of our Spay/Neuter Challenge.


THE NO. 1 CAUSE of death of dogs and cats is euthanasia in shelters because of overpopulation. Eight-hundred dogs and cats are euthanized every hour nationwide, because there are just so many of them. Spay/neuter vaccines are the No. 1 way to markedly decrease the overpopulation crisis and number of intakes and deaths in shelters, and protect animals from diseases such as rabies.

That’s What Friends Are For Inc. – a local tax-exempt, nonprofit organization – believes that through widespread spaying/neutering, we can dramatically reduce euthanasia rates and homelessness among companion animals. We have been holding fund-raising events and helping rescue groups and individuals with general expenses of animal rescue work and spaying/neutering for four years, and we continue to accept donations year-round to help us with this endeavor.

We recently have been given a generous grant by the Community Foundation of the CSRA to help us with our goal to spay/neuter more animals. Starting now, we plan to offer 25 free spay or neuter surgeries, with rabies vaccinations, for dogs and/or cats each month, for people who cannot afford these expenses for their pets. Contact us at if you would like to participate in this program.

RECENTLY IN MACON, a woman named Kerri Fickling spent $110,000 of her own money to spay/neuter 2,000 dogs. This is an amazing example of compassion and generosity. She was given extremely low rates for the surgeries, $55 each, so that she could sterilize more dogs. She did this out of kindness because she could not stand by and do nothing while so many animals are lost because of the crisis of overpopulation. We applaud her.

Here is the challenge: If one person can spend $110,000 of her own money, how much money can the citizens and business owners of Augusta and the CSRA raise for our spay/neuter program? We challenge you to help us raise $100,000 for spaying/neutering companion animals. Think of it: If we work together on this challenge, we can raise enough money to stop the cycle of litter after litter being born, perpetuating the overpopulation crisis. Each and every one of us really can make a difference. No donation is too small.

Making a donation to That’s What Friends Are For Inc. for the Spay/Neuter Challenge is easy – with cash or checks, or using PayPal on our website, Donations can be taken to or mailed to the Village Deli, 2803 Wrightsboro Road, Suite No. 28, Augusta, GA 30909.

YOU CAN REST assured that all of the funds that go into this account are spent on animal rescue work, and mostly spaying/neutering. We all are volunteers, and no one in our organization is compensated. It truly is all about the animals to us.

There really is something you can do to help. Be a part of the solution.

That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

(The writer – co-owner of the Village Deli in Augusta – is the founder and president of the animal rescue group That’s What Friends Are For.)


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