Supreme Court set the stage for allowing polygamy in America



The April 2008 raid of the polygamist colony in Eldorado, Texas, revealed glaring similarities to Muslim polygamy in the arena of human rights and societal dysfunction. An analysis that totally disregards religion and merely compares those effects by scientific means should not be regarded as “hate speech.” Rather, it could be a blueprint for reform.


THE INEVITABLE similarities are misogyny, child cruelty, illiteracy, poverty, xenophobia, pedophilia, brutality, overpopulation and inbreeding.

Women suffer hideously in polygamous societies, but it is actually worse for men. Though the number of wives is limited, the truth is that one man can take dozens of wives by replacing them when their fertility is over. Each wife taken robs another man of a family and the community of his genes. A primordial biological drive exists for males to sire offspring. For the alpha males, no detail is spared – pre-pubescent girls are married to maximize child-bearing, and birth control is forbidden. In monogamy, the responsibilities of a family dampens that urge.

The distrust of outsiders is not just because of discrimination or laws. The polygamous community gins up fear and hatred of others to ensure nobody leaves voluntarily, to justify cheating outsiders, to avoid diluting inheritances and keep women compliant.

When only a select few males contribute their genes, the result is inbreeding, because it becomes impossible to avoid marrying cousins. Much to their embarrassment, DNA testing among Muslim couples is required in many Islamic and European countries to reduce genetic diseases. In Eldorado, the fourth generation produced at least one profoundly retarded child with a very rare recessive expression – fumarase deficiency.


CHILDREN NEED a father’s influence, but that is numerically impossible. Wives must compete against one another for benefits. The husband becomes the final arbitrator who can punish his bickering, conniving wives with beatings. Boys learn this is acceptable treatment of women. Poverty is endemic to polygamy because only a few offspring can inherit a business or estate. Limiting the size of families is lifting India and China out of poverty. Having the time and assets to love and nurture all children is essential to building, rather than squandering capital.

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints dumped unwanted, pre-pubescent boys downtown in major cities. They became known as “Lost Boys.” Being unprepared by their cloistered life inside the compound, they were forced into prostitution and drug-dealing. Dumping them was a mathematical imperative, since naturally a polygamous society becomes overburdened with excess males. Their own parents did it willingly!

Men without wives and families – i.e., drones – are more prone to violence, rape, pedophilia and suicide. They must be sent to war, exiled, castrated or removed by internal violence to stabilize the society. The corrosive psychological effects of polygamy draw the drones to conflict like flies to a dirty diaper. Syria is merely the latest slaughterhouse. These poor men actually are unwitting victims of polygamy. To emphasize my point, Turkey banned polygamy after World War I, resulting in a prosperous, relatively peaceful country, even with no oil.


THE COWARDICE of our media, academics and leaders is tragic. If they could work to end this practice by a frank and rational approach, the world would greatly improve over time. Instead, the Supreme Court has set the stage for legalizing it in the United States.

While readers may scoff at the idea of polygamy dominating the U.S. landscape, it doesn’t have to all at once. When it becomes legal, sects will isolate themselves, multiply and Balkanize. In their euphoric quest to free mankind of religious constraints, the Left eventually may regret gutting monogamy.


(The writer lives in Grovetown.)



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