Did you know? Area Salvation Army still needs your support



It’s no wonder there is confusion about who we are.

The Salvation Army is a local ministry and an international movement; a homeless shelter for those standing out in the cold; an outstanding community center; a soup kitchen and the Kroc Café; the first stop for those in need of social services; and a first-class health, fitness and recreation center.

Did you know? The Salvation Army has been serving those in need in Augusta since 1891.

Did you know? Our Center of Hope at 1384 Greene St. continues to serve daily hot meals to anyone who is hungry, and our homeless shelter is open 365 days a year with a 99 percent occupancy rate.


DID YOU KNOW? Last year we served more than 100,000 meals and provided 38,000 nights of lodging to homeless men, women and children.

Did you know? Along with meals and shelter, we offer case management services, a substance-abuse rehabilitation program, spiritual guidance and prayers – all shared with the love of God.

Did you know? The permanent operations endowment is restricted to the Kroc Center, and thanks to strong participation with memberships and events, our Kroc Center has been a great blessing to greater Augusta.

Did you know? None of the Kroc endowment can be used for the “traditional” Salvation Army services; we have to raise those funds the same as we always have, appealing to the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations to help us feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and give hope and help to those in need.


THE KROC CENTER has brought us both challenges and opportunities. One of the challenges we face is educating Augusta that although we have this wonderful new center, we still need donations to serve those in need. The Kroc Center campaign did introduce The Salvation Army to hundreds of new donors and has elevated the view of The Salvation Army. It also brought us new opportunities to share our mission and ministry with so many. For those who only know The Army from the Kroc Center or bell-ringers at Christmas, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The vision of The Salvation Army originates from what first inspired our founder more than a century ago to bring hope to all who suffer and help those in need without discrimination. The Salvation Army in Augusta will continue to build on this legacy of compassion.


(The writer is Augusta area commander of The Salvation Army.)



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