Voting your faith in 2012: Social justice, abortion and apples



An Oct. 22 article from Reuters, “Catholics want more focus on poverty than abortion: survey,” reveals the absence of a “Catholic vote” because of confusion among and between authentic Catholics and fake Catholics. Catholic identity and unity have been destroyed by decades of poor catechesis, liberal activism and clerical coddling of dissent, particularly about artificial contraception, for which abortion is the backup.


LIBERAL AGITATORS have reduced “social justice” to a political slogan, thus increasing the chaos rampant in the Church. Is every issue of justice, especially abortion, necessarily “social”?

Authentic Catholics accept and practice all that the Church believes and teaches – including all Church teachings about justice, not just those parts of “social justice” singled out and pounded by liberal Democrat partisans, even clergy who naïvely support President Obama.

Unfortunately, the name “Catholic” has come to include anyone who claims to be Catholic, even fakes such as Vice President Joe Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and other fawning Obama followers, such as politicized bishops who place
party loyalty and federal monies ahead of their duty to teach authentically by word and example. In justice, they owe us authentic teaching.

An apt definition of justice is that each person deserves that which is due him. The right to live tops the list without regard to one’s age, size, location or disability. Without “life,” nothing else matters. Blessed Pope John Paul II makes that clear in No. 38 of his post-synodal apostolic exhortation Christifidelis Laici. Google it.

It is an injustice against man and the common good when Obama/Biden ignore man’s essence by shamelessly promoting and expanding assaults against human dignity and the common good via intrinsically evil acts of abortion, euthanasia, homosexual marriage, human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. Those actions violate not only Catholic beliefs but also the natural law written by God on the hearts of every person, regardless of race, color or creed.

See No. 69 from The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: “With her social doctrine, the Church aims at helping man on the path of salvation.
This is her primary and sole purpose.”


FAKE CATHOLICS who would disqualify a candidate who supports slavery, racism or child porn, regardless of rhetoric about “helping the poor,” do not also disqualify a candidate who most supports child murder and other intrinsic evils. Authentic Catholics disqualify the candidate most in favor of child murder and other extrinsic evils.

Decades of co-opting and abusing the English language by liberal change-agents qualify as assaults against social justice. When words that once had specific meanings come to mean different things to different people, it is impossible to have an intelligent conversation about politics and theology. Verbal precision and objective truth are tragic casualties in our dying culture. For example, the word “love,” which is properly an act of the will, is misused to describe promiscuous and unnatural coupling, as “making love.”

Carefully analyze the following easily debunked nonsensical contradictions from that Reuters article: “The poll found that 60 percent of Catholics want a greater focus on social justice issues rather than abortion, while 31 percent support the opposite approach.”

And: “There are a number of critical divisions among Catholics, including an important divide between ‘social justice’ and `right to life’ Catholics.”

Notice the deceitful divisions deliberately fabricated by those quotes. No reasonably honest person would claim that abortion and the right to life are not social justice issues, any more than they would claim that an apple is not fruit.

Google “Solidarity, subsidiarity, and principled sanity,” by Carl E. Olson, for helpful insights:

“Turning the common good into a matter of simple socioeconomic well-being can involve a number of different errors and falsehoods, among them the promotion and use of contraceptives and abortion... And the ultimate goal of the Church’s social doctrine is not the elimination of poverty, or the destruction of evil social institutions, or the building of a perfect, utopian society.”


PLEASE JOIN ME in praying that our faith-filled Evangelical brethren, especially in the battleground states, will vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in overwhelming numbers to make up for the decimated Catholic vote. The revival and survival of our Judeo-Christian values and our constitutional republic are at stake.


(The writer is a retired attorney. He practiced law in the Twin Cities for 30 years. He lives in Augusta.)



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