In defense of Lee Anderson -- our country is at stake

All Republicans and conservatives in Augusta and Columbia County need to vote for Lee Anderson as our next congressman. Our country is at stake in this election.


U.S. Rep. John Barrow will support Democratic and liberal attempts to control the House of Representatives. He has proved that every time he has voted to elect the ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House.


ALL MY ADULT life, I have either served as an elected Republican or fought for conservative ideas. There was a day, mostly before my time, when Republicans in the CSRA were few and far-between. Conservative-to-moderate Democrats held most offices, local and state. Many of our most devoted Republicans remember those lean years, many of them living on the Hill in Augusta and areas such as West Lake in Columbia County.

Today things have changed. Republicans hold the majority in several CSRA counties and in the Capitol in Atlanta. We’ve become a big party with lots of people and all kinds of Republicans.

I’ve run against Republicans when I thought we could do better, and I have the political scars to show for it. But after the primary, we must come together and support the best conservative, and that is Lee Anderson.

One of the first things you learn in law school is to admit the obvious to the jury. If you don’t, they won’t trust you on the important things. So let’s just face it straight up: Our candidate for Congress is not an orator, at all. He would never outtalk his well-polished lawyer opponent. So he has decided not to try. But what he will do is be a steady conservative vote in Congress. He will help Republican leadership fight the liberalism that is destroying our country.

I’ve known John Barrow and his family since college. Barrow’s father was a well-respected Superior Court judge in Athens. His mother was one of my favorite professors at the University of Georgia. John himself is an affable, likeable guy. And he’s also one of the biggest liberals you will ever meet. He’s smart enough to vote the opposite of his conscience and be “moderate” every now and then because he knows he must run a Georgia campaign to get re-elected.


I’VE ALSO KNOWN Lee Anderson all my life. He is a plain-spoken man. He’s the farmer who always opened his dairy to busloads of schoolkids. He has been married – once – for more than 30 years to his wife, Donna, a respected teacher and principal. He’s been active in his church. He served his community on the school board, county commission, and in the state House. He didn’t get elected and re-elected to all those positions because he’s a country bumpkin or “Honey Boo-Boo.” He won the vote of his community because he was a dependable conservative vote for what’s right.

Now it’s time for conservatives to do what’s right. Lee Anderson is the candidate who will vote to end the disastrous path upon which John Barrow and his fellow Democrats have placed us. No matter where you live – but especially if you live on the Hill or a suburb in Evans or Martinez – you must put aside any thoughts that it might be OK to vote for a closet liberal who makes you feel better because he happens to present well.

It’s just too important. Our country needs you, now more than ever.


(The writer is an attorney; a former Columbia County Commission chairman; a former majority whip in the Georgia House of Representatives; and currently representative-elect State House District 121 in Columbia and McDuffie counties.)



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