Learning about the water you drink can keep you healthier

Have you ever thought about what is in the water you are drinking? Do you know that you can survive for days if you have air and water? So why not have great water to drink, cook with, bathe/shower in and for swimming, boating and paddling?


We hear and read much about clean air and quality of air. How about the quality of our water?

Do you know the differences in tap water, distilled water, purified water and spring water? What is the best choice for you and your family? Did you know that the container the water comes in and is stored in is just as important a consideration as the delivered water?


DO YOU SCRUTINIZE the sources of the water you are drinking and using? Where did they find the water? What process did it go through before it arrived for your purchase and consumption? Were chemicals and pesticides present at the source? How did they get there?

Were additional chemicals added to the process? Why or how were they added? Were the minerals and the “live” properties extracted from the water? Have you ever turned over in your mind that there is live water – water that is fully oxygenated – that should not be altered and that water needs to be protected?

There is much to study. Have you envisioned drinking great water instead of what is the most convenient? Live water may be something you would like to strive to consume today and in the future. Who would have thought there would be so many choices and so many items to recognize?

Let’s start with tap water. Did you know you can go online to your local government’s website and see where water is obtained and what is added to the water before it arrives at your home or business? Research it in your spare time. You will be amazed at the processes water goes through before we use it. Does tap water seem live to you?

Did you know that distilled water goes through an extreme heat process to extract impurities and, therefore, minerals from the water? Does distilled water seem live to you?

Purified water is purified with what: Chemicals? Chlorine? Heat? Again, it is time for research. Did you know chlorine is a heavy metal? Is it being used to purify the water? Why is this not disclosed on the label of the bottles you purchase? Much of the purified water is merely tap water that has been filtered and treated. Does purified water seem live to you?


SPRING WATER should have the original minerals and qualities when it was bottled. You may choose from a variety of spring waters in the stores. If you are so inclined, you can harvest your own spring water. Find a local spring or a spring when you are traveling. If you have a well, have it tested for purity. If you do not have a well, ask a friend who does and stock up. Many state and federal Parks have wells and springs. Go to findaspring.com for a live spring near you. Does spring water seem live to you?

Be aware of your bottling. Is the plastic free of polychlorinated
biphenyls, or PCBs? The “safe plastic” numbers are 2, 4 and 5, usually found on the bottom of the container. Go online to www.almanac.com/content/plastics-recycling-chart for an excellent guide and explanation on the products that are used to make our containers.

Are these products even plastic? Glass is best. Hint: If an item was used about 50 to 100 years ago and still in demand today, it has usually passed the test of time. Plastics are a new product. Have you noticed how difficult it is to find glass containers? You might note that many of the spring waters are sold in better-grade plastics and glass bottles.

Know the waters and the waterways in your area, and continue to push for great water. Nothing less will suffice. Live is best. Let’s not continue the killing of our precious resources.


WITH THE RESEARCH knowledge you obtain you may want to envision and embrace the many solutions that will not break the bank. Consider filtering your water. There are numerous choices of home filters, whether it is filtering for the entire home or individualized filters for the sink or showers. Any harmful chemicals you can remove before you consume will be helpful for your overall health program.

All of this is water for thought to get you more empowered in your choices of great water. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Don’t let the bad bugs get you. Live a sensible life. Replenish your body – do not burden it.


(The writer is president of an Augusta real-estate sales and property management company.)



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