Romney's broad appeal, experience are strengths

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has posted numbers in previous presidential primaries that demonstrate the broad base of his appeal to voters.



As Georgians prepare to go to the polls Tuesday, March 6, to nominate a Republican presidential candidate, most have two primary considerations: Can the candidate defeat Barack Obama in November? Can the candidate rein in the out-of-control spending in Washington?

Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can satisfy both of these conditions.

The future of our country depends on the presidential election of 2012. Republicans cannot risk nominating a candidate who has only regional support or support within only certain factions of the Republican base. Romney has proven his appeal to the broadest base of Republican voters possible, and would receive the most support from Republicans in the general election.

Romney’s appeal to the Republican base is apparent in his performance in the primaries held before the Washington state primary scheduled, as of this writing, for March 3. Romney performed well in every primary, winning six of the 11 primaries and coming in as a close second in four others. Romney’s primary performance in these states shows that he has the broadest base of support that will enable him to win the general election. He is the only candidate who has won at least 15 percent of the vote in every state that has had primaries to date.


MITT ROMNEY has experience as both a CEO of a private company and a government executive. Mitt Romney is not a career politician. Romney spent nearly 20 years investing in and turning around failing businesses before considering running for public office. Because of his extensive business experience, Romney has decision-making skills that are desperately needed in Washington. He has, throughout his business career, made tough decisions to keep failing companies afloat.

When Romney became governor of Massachusetts, he was facing a $3 billion budget deficit. Romney cut taxes and spending to balance the budget, despite having to work against a liberal Democrat legislature.

Romney knows that as an executive you have to surround yourself with the right people who have the skills to implement your plans. Some of the most important decisions made by the president are whom to appoint to key Cabinet positions. As an executive you cannot shy away from surrounding yourself with experts who are smarter than you are for fear of losing your “smartest man in the room” status.


THE CURRENT economic recession has voters concerned about one thing: the economy. Romney has not failed to keep his campaign focused on cutting government spending and creating jobs. He has presented concrete plans for fairer, simpler taxes and reducing burdensome regulations on business to bolster the economy. This is the message that will win over undecided voters in November and propel Romney to victory.

In 2012 Republicans need to nominate a candidate who can beat Barack Obama in the general election and rein in spending in Washington. Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can succeed at both. His broad appeal to Republican voters will get him elected, and his experience at turning around failing companies and the state of Massachusetts demonstrate he has the skills we need in Washington.


(The writer is a leader of the Young Republicans of Augusta.)



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