Republican Party left me

Based on the media’s and the career politicians’ all-out haranguing of Donald Trump, they are afraid that he is going to win and therefore interrupt the Washington oligarchy. They do not care about all of the criminal activity committed by Hillary Clinton and all of the vile, dishonest content revealed in emails released by Wikileaks.


The most pressing, critical factor in deciding the election of an American president has been whether or not crude and sexually explicit words were spoken by the candidate, specifically the one not purchased by foreign and domestic donors.

The 2008 Republican nominee, John McCain, was exposed for directing utterly repulsive comments to his spouse in 1992. Did the GOP hierarchy call for him to quit the race? Did Republican congressional leadership withdraw support left and right? No. McCain is one of the good ol’ boys who does what he is told.

However, I can see why Paul Ryan, John McCain, the Bush clan and others (not to mention Clinton) are condemning Trump for what he said in 2005 as opposed to what he will do as president. It is because talking is all to which they can relate. That $20 trillion debt did not get there by itself. Our wide-open borders did not simply appear one day. Shall I continue?

We still have Obamacare even after Washington Republicans promised to get rid of it if they comprised the majority in both chambers. Nothing changes in Washington, and Republican leadership’s treatment of Trump, the man who defeated 16 other candidates while receiving the most primary votes in party history. He illustrates that they would rather have Clinton set policy, deal with ISIS and appoint judges. They’re offended that he said mean, crude, insensitive things, so they renounce their support. Fine.

Now hear this, so-called Republicans:

Your actions and lack of action more than offends me.

Obamacare more than offends me.

So do ineffective government; the national debt; government interference at every turn; and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ treatment of veterans (Georgia Republican Johnny Isakson is chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, by the way).

Therefore, Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who will receive my vote Nov. 8! I’m done.

I did not leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me.

Lee Benedict




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