One-party system coming

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, the next four years will continue President Obama’s destruction of the United States, designed to create a one-party political system where the Democratic Party and the U.S. government merge to become The State.


The Democratic States of America, as the nation will be renamed, will use its power to nullify the Constitution; politicize the Supreme Court; and use the Department of Justice, IRS, and FBI to protect corrupt government and party officials and persecute the opposition. The party will control the media to advance its agenda, and will convert schools into youth indoctrination centers to churn out more Democratic Party members. Obtaining higher education and finding a decent job, house or apartment will require donations (i.e., bribes) and pledging allegiance – not to the U.S. flag, but to the Democratic Party. The Republican Party will continue its impotent whining and fade into history.

People who paid attention in world history class will recognize the similarities between current U.S. events and the genesis of the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. These astute students of history also will remember that the peasants who supported the communist revolutions that overthrew the oppressive governments are still living in poverty, fear and the absence of freedom.

For the less-informed Americans who think socialism is a utopia, those who fell for Obama’s “hope and change” and think Hillary Clinton really cares about them, I suggest listening to Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who. The lyric “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” will have a new, more profound meaning.

The arrogant, Ivy League-educated Democratic Party elite, including Obama and Hillary Clinton, think of Americans as peasants who are too lazy and stupid to control their own destinies. Their self-conferred superiority over us, the American peasants, empowers them to take what they want, when they want it, without challenge, penalty, or punishment.

Donald Trump may not be the optimal presidential candidate, but he does have genuine love, respect and appreciation for the United States and its citizens; respect for the Constitution; a desire to preserve the United States of America; and he has a soul. Hillary Clinton sold her soul in a silent auction held at the Clinton Foundation.

Tedd Antonacci




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