Forget Hillary Clinton

An elderly woman whose husband is a notorious philanderer is a leading candidate for president of our country. Sadly, this is simply true if voters can conveniently develop amnesia.

Forget that Hillary Clinton shifts her position on major issues as often as shellfish readjust to their ecosystems. Forget that the Clintons have a scam “foundation” that would never survive an honest federal investigation. Forget that Mrs. Clinton broke federal laws many times with her blatant disregard for handling classified information. Forget that Mrs. Clinton has publicly guaranteed at least four more years of President Obama’s policies that have failed millions of Americans. Forget that using her “experience” as secretary of state as qualification for the highest office in the land will lead to more disasters in the Middle East and other countries where ISIS and like-minded terrorist organizations are involved. Forget that she has glossed over her health problems that could prevent her from completing even a single term in office.

Running a 1990s-style campaign shows how far removed Mrs. Clinton is from today’s America. It is easy to understand why so many young voters shunned her in the primaries and went all-in for an aging socialist whose campaign was undermined by a corrupt Democratic National Committee. Voters must understand that the Clintons are the political equivalent of the Kardashians: all style and no substance. Hopefully, enough Americans, including those whom Mrs. Clinton designated as a “basket of deplorables,” will show up in November to ensure that our country does not continue the wrong course charted by the current president.

Donald Trump is not the candidate we have been waiting for since Ronald Reagan, but he will not steer America toward socialism, continue to dole out freebies to ne’er-do-wells or bow and scrape before the foreign powers that mean us harm.



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