Clinton isn't ready to lead


Considering Hillary Clinton lumped all of us Donald Trump supporters into a category of “deplorables,” I would like to respond in kind assessing her and my fears about her.


In my opinion, Clinton’s coughing fits and choking comes from the fact that her lies get stuck in her throat before she has a chance to release them to the public. If you notice when that happens, it’s always when she is trying to answer a question or go on a microphone in front of her supporters to spew a disgusting diatribe of ignorance.

Having said that, one of my biggest fears stems from an image I have of her in the Oval Office if she becomes president.

She is surrounded by security people explaining the protocols to activate the “nuclear football” to launch nuclear weapons. The aide assigned to show her how to use the system tells her she can get the feel of how to activate the system by pushing various buttons after the codes are in. He then tells her there is nothing to worry about because there is an abort button.

So she presses away, but all of a sudden has a fainting spell, hitting her head on the launch button before collapsing. When she wakes up she says,“What happened?” The aide replies, “You just wiped out half of the world.” Clinton responds, “I don’t remember.”

Her next step is to tell all of her cohorts to make up a good cover story to deny she was responsible. She would then go public and blame a short in the system, or say someone hacked our defense system – totally denying responsibility. Then Barack Obama chimes in: “Hillary is ready to lead.”

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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