Ballot is so depressing

I read with disappointment the subheadine under the headline of The Augusta Chronicle’s Sept. 16 editorial (“A grand opening”): “Trump’s district office embodies supporters’ reasons for hope.”


Having been a conservative my whole life, I have tried in vain to find even one miniscule bit of evidence in Donald Trump’s bombastic presentations that would lead me to believe he had the interest of anyone but himself at heart! There is nothing remotely presidential about his demeanor or words, and he has been like a yo-yo on steroids in his past, supporting both very liberal, and lukewarm conservative ideas. He is actually neither one! He is The Donald, nothing more, nothing less.

He can go from zero to the speed of sound in two seconds any time he opens his mouth, and one never knows what will come out – only that it’s probably insincere! While it’s obvious that Trump has been toned down by his lion-taming managers, he still can’t put a sentence together that explains how he will perform all his miracles of making America great again. They change like the wind on any given day.

The editorial mentioned: “The core of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, to this point, has been merely to try to smear Mr. Trump. And, obviously, a good bit of his supporters.” That lacks credence, since Trump has elevated the smear to new heights all during his campaign! He’s the Sultan of Slander, even while lowering his voice to a whisper to soften the blow!

No, it’s not Clinton’s smears that cause anyone to cringe. It’s her total lack of honesty and sincerity, and her penchant for erasing, shredding, deleting and burying anything that might show her true colors as first (ahem) lady, senator from New York, or secretary of state.

The sad reality of this presidential election cycle is that two totally unfit people are vying to become the leader of our country. Clinton and Trump represent the worst characteristics of any candidates in recent history, and paint a bleak picture of the next four years facing our wonderful country.

This brings us to voting for the lesser of two evils, which is impossible. Those two people are as equal as two indelibly tarnished public figures could be. The sad fact is that the other options on the ballot also are less than qualified to lead America, though for a series of other reasons.

No, I don’t feel hopeful. There’s a deep sadness where hope used to be. Voting is my duty, but I will do it with a heavy heart.



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