AP wants socialist world

Since the Associated Press can’t control which people companies hire – yet wants everyone to be fully employed – it’s going to have to subvert the very purpose of the press (informing its customers) into misinforming them into voting for a government most don’t want: socialism.


Since AP by its nature is a broad-based group, going out to nearly all the population, it is concerned primarily with the needs of those at the lower levels. But it’s added its own twist: It ignores the rights bestowed by democracy on those in the middle and at the top.

So if democracy gives these rights to all, including those in the middle and at the top, then some say democracy has to be destroyed. For whom – those on the bottom? No, for AP, which is a worldwide, public-oriented group, and is seeking global socialism to recreate the world in its own image.

Again, for the benefit of the poor? No, for the benefit of AP, because most poor are better off under democracy rather than communism, which is what the United States will become once a weakened America succumbs to China and Russia, who have no concern for the poor.

How does AP do this, besides rigging elections with pro-Democrat/socialist articles? It will do it by downgrading free enterprise with constant stories of global warming, which muscles the engines of capitalism, while China and Russia don’t have to comply. It also will do it by downgrading our military and our missile defense system.

I think a citizens group should form that monitors the national media and criticizes/praises its performance on a regular basis, since readers are like stockholders – they help pay most of the salary and operating expenses of the national media, and should have some input.

Since the national media has no stomach to monitor themselves, and understandably so, local citizens groups not connected with the media should review stories and present findings to the national media and the public to raise awareness of what is taking place, with hopes of improving any problems.



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