Don't demonize diesels

For those of us who have common sense, and believe terrorists pose a greater danger to mankind than
climate change, I would like to give my observations about all the news about the diesel Volkswagen Jetta TDI. In September, the Obama administration accused VW of illegally installing software in its diesel-power cars to evade smog-reducing standards.


I purchased my VW a little over two years ago, and it is the best car I have ever had. It has a small engine, but more than makes up for that with its torque.

Now Obama’s overreacting Environmental Protection Agency is out to destroy it.

I can understand the difference between the diesels of the past that smoked a lot, but that was eliminated years ago.

My car gets almost 40 miles per gallon in the city and more than 45 mpg on the highway. That is better than a lot of Obama’s Energizer-bunny hybrid cars.

This is just another way for Obama to push his socialist agenda.

This is a great car, and they will have to pry my cold, dead fingers from the keys to my VW Jetta TDI.

Ronnie Mullis




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