What became of dinosaurs?

One subject often discussed in science is how old dinosaurs were and what happened to them. In the April 20 Augusta Chronicle, there was an article on this subject. Many answers are given, but no one really knows just what happened to the dinosaurs. I once asked Ken Ham, of the Creation Museum, “What happened to the dinosaurs?” and he answered, “They died!”


While we may not know for sure what happened to the dinosaurs, we are learning more about their age because dinosaur fossils are found with elastic blood vessels.

On Nov. 15, 2009, CBS’ 60 Minutes aired a show featuring a 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex. Mary Schweitzer, a professor at North Carolina State University, said there were transparent blood vessels, and soft tissue she would have expected to find if it had been modern bone. This is impossible. This bone is 68 million years old. Organic material can’t possibly survive even 1 million years, let alone 68 million.

No one questioned that maybe the dating system was off. Because there was no outcry from churches, CBS reran the show Dec. 26, 2010 – the day after Christmas.

The evidence of blood vessels in a 68-million-year-old T-rex is not important! It is the preservation of the theory! A theory, if one stops to think about it, cannot explain how life started.

Gil Ward




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