Alalof deserves your vote

Providing the opportunity for a quality education is the most essential function of our local school board. Residents of Columbia County’s District 1 will be delegated the task of electing a candidate to that board May 24. For the sake of our children, it is incumbent upon us to choose wisely. Local business leader David Alalof merits your consideration and is deserving of your vote via advanced voting or on May 24.


I have known David Alalof and his wife, Meryl – a retired and accomplished Columbia County educator in her own right – for decades, and have had the privilege of serving beside them on several boards. A veteran of the U.S. Army, David epitomizes love of country and community service, which complements his successful and thriving insurance agency.

Understanding the needs of higher education, David has volunteered his time with the Alumni Association of Augusta University as well as on the National Mental Health Association of Georgia’s Region 12 Board. As president of the Shield Club of Greater Augusta, David recognizes the needs of our police, and has relentlessly strived to provide our local law enforcement agencies the necessary equipment for them to fulfill their mission of protecting our families day in and day out.

Having observed David up close, I can attest to his dedication, keen intellect and sincere compassion. Whatever task is delegated to him, David enthusiastically and willingly sees it through to completion. A man of faith and family, David and his wife have even been honored by the Jewish Community Center as Humanitarians of the Year.

As a father of a Columbia County student, my child’s education and future are paramount. District 1 needs a public servant with impeccable credentials and a firm yet compassionate resolve. David Alalof, a man of character, fits that bill, and warrants our vote and support.

Nathan M. Jolles




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