Put Ruthven in House

I am writing on behalf of a valued and trusted friend who is running for South Carolina state representative – Kevin “K.T.” Ruthven of Aiken.


As a former law enforcement officer and Marine Vietnam veteran, I am slightly jaded when it comes to putting trust in anyone.

Having said that, I would be the first to acknowledge someone who has proved to be a friend by his honesty and integrity.

K.T., as most call him, proved to me by deed that he would be an asset in government fighting for the people.

I first met him about 11 years ago when he was a relatively new real-estate agent selling my house. He made an error in the paperwork, which held up the deal briefly, so he asked if he could help me move to make it up to me and I accepted.

While I was laid up in rehab for more than a month after having surgery to remove my colon, I didn’t have anyone I would trust more than K.T. to go into my underwear drawer and bring me what I needed. When I was fit to leave rehab, he brought me home.

On my second surgery to connect everything back up, K.T. took time off from work to bring me back home. For this I will always be grateful.

By deed, K.T. has shown his compassion and dependability. He would make a good representative for the people of South Carolina.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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