Repair the republic now

Like many Americans, I have been watching the current primary process with chagrin and amazement.


What amazes me most of all is how we got to a place where a blustering, poofy-coifed billionaire; an all-but-indicted former president’s wife who is noted for deceit and obfuscation; and an avowed socialist with a perpetual bad hair day are our leading candidates for the nation’s highest office. In my opinion, we got here for a simple reason – the political class started reading their own press, and stopped listening to the American people.

Americans wanted a change from the status quo. We got President Obama.

Americans wanted cheaper, better health care. We got Obamacare, higher premiums, less coverage and higher deductibles, and the cost of health care is still through the roof.

Americans wanted an end to illegal immigration. We got talk about “immigration reform,” but no action at the border – no wall, no fence.

We wanted the infamous pipeline from Canada, with all the jobs and revenue it entailed. We got delays,
obeisance to the environmental lobby and no pipeline.

Americans wanted more middle-class manufacturing jobs. The government enacted the highest corporate taxes in the world, driving corporations and jobs overseas.

Americans wanted a strong, capable, effective military. We got budget cuts and an eviscerated Army, Navy and Air Force, incapable of fighting more than one conflict at a time.

Americans wanted a simpler system of taxation. We got more than 56,000 pages of tax code that even the I.R.S. doesn’t seem to understand.

Americans wanted prosperity. We got more laws, more regulations, more nanny-state government, and a recession we can’t seem to recover from, either financially or emotionally.

When government engages in partisan political gridlock; refuses to listen to the wishes of the electorate; kowtows to the super-rich special interests and an out-of-control environmental lobby; and accomplishes little other than to anger the majority of the populace; why should the inside-the-beltway establishment politicos be surprised at the turn of events? The current political circus masquerading as a primary process is the harbinger of change, perhaps revolution.

The powers-that-be had best pay attention, listen to the American heartland and repair the republic while there is still time. If not, it may all crumble under its own weight, and be replaced by something no one will recognize as America.

Mike Daniels




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