America losing drug war

The Puritan ethic lies behind the war on drugs – a war we have lost since prohibition and continue to lose.


Heroin, for example, is now very cheap because there is so much available, and lethal overdoses are epidemic. The federal, state and local efforts to lose this war cost $50 billion annually. Both major political parties want more spent to lose this war.

About 15 years ago Portugal decriminalized all drug use. The criminals went away, crime decreased, prisons closed and there was no increase in use or addiction. Most people will not use drugs if they are freely available. Our present system encourages use of unsafe products, more crime, gangs, civil wars in other countries and recruitment of new users. Will we ever wake up?

Addicts have told me they can go to any city in America and in a few minutes obtain any drug they desire. I’d love to hear how the people running for president address this issue. Remember, they’re spending your money to lose the war.

Tom Swift, M.D.




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