Trump photo was jarring

I was surprised to see in The Augusta Chronicle on Feb. 6 a picture accompanying the letter “Candidate has courage.” The inclusion of photos is not listed anywhere in the “letters policy” at the bottom of the Opinion page. Perhaps one must be the president of an organization to be given this courtesy. That cartoonists are given name recognition, and columnists’ photographs are included, is standard practice, but I do wonder if there is an unwritten policy concerning letters to the editor.


Though I disagreed with the message, I was more appalled at seeing the color photo of Donald Trump in full glare! My surprise was accompanied by a chortle of disbelief to see an image of that man linked to the word “courage.” Many words come to my mind to identify Trump’s character, such as obstreperous, strident, rowdy, brawling, raucous, boisterous and profane. But to give him credit for having even a modicum of courage defies logic!

The idea that Donald Trump would “make America great and safe again” is akin to saying Attila the Hun was a gentleman!

I think you get the picture.

Molly C. Gray

Aiken, S.C.



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