Who are the adults?

In The Augusta Chronicle column titled “Is Trump the problem?” (Jan. 17), I was blindsided by one phrase – that “we’ve become a nation of tantrum-throwers that can’t handle blunt talk and bold pronouncements.”

After recovering consciousness, I laughed! Glaring over the top of the article was a color photo of the biggest tantrum-thrower since Nero was emperor of Rome, finger-pointing, mouth agape, flame-throwing another choice egotistic remark at the audience. This, from a man who’s not even a conservative, but a sleight-of-hand performer showing us only what he wants us to see. His devotion to himself is tantamount to his being!

It’s hard enough to realize that this absolute horror of a person could “trump” the conservative polling. It’s even worse to be told to grow up and accept the inevitable. Those of us who oppose this overgrown podium-pounder are walking away, not voting for him or working against his election, as the column suggested, but are much more adult than the editor gives us credit for!

In these past few months, as our nation has been reduced to circus status in the eyes of many in the world, to be told that we need to, in essence, clam up, sit back, swallow hard and vote for someone else is a total misread of the situation! It is like being told to sit quietly in the corner and think about what we’ve done or go without supper!

I had another sinking feeling as I looked at the front of the Opinion page. The media can’t seem to help giving Trump the boost he craves, whether it be positive or negative. He doesn’t care as long as his picture and words get top billing. With the conservative and liberal press, TV talk shows and social media all clamoring to get scoops on him just for the “what will he say or do next” thrill, I think it is they who need to become adults. At least maybe, if conservative-leaning media would give other candidates the same coverage they do Trump, it would be the adult thing to do!



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