Student Letter: Airstrikes aren't enough

Editor’s note: We are featuring letters to the editor written to The Augusta Chronicle by seventh-grade language arts students at Greenbrier Middle School in Evans. We extend special thanks to language arts teacher Carolyn Stone.


Just over 14 years ago, the United States declared a war on terrorism in response to the 9/11 attacks. Now, a new threat has emerged.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is threatening the West. It is using old and crude weapons, but still makes half a billion dollars a year, according to CNN.

To me, it’s looking like airstrikes aren’t going to be enough. We either need to increase bombings, or put boots on the ground – or else it’s an uphill fight. I don’t just mean military police or military advisers, but soldiers to directly fight ISIS. I realize we just pulled troops out, but to fight an effective war, we need our own troops fighting, not just U.S.-backed rebels.

But that raises a whole new obstacle. The enemy has lived in this terrain their whole lives. They know how to navigate and deal with the terrain. Our soldiers may not be experienced with the terrain. It doesn’t help that the terrain can range from blazing-hot rocks to freezing mountains. So much like in Vietnam, we will need guides. The enemy also has the advantage of being able to blend into large crowds, since they don’t have established uniforms.

I neither advocate violence nor protest war. I grew up with my dad in the Air Force. I know that war will be unavoidable as long as there are two parties with opposing views. I just feel the war on terrorism will be an uphill fight, much like Vietnam, without a strategy change.

Zack Mohr




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