The time for talk is over

Our delusional president came before the American people last week spewing his misguided rhetoric on how he intends to protect us from the terrorists.


The week before the attack in California, there weren’t any threats to the homeland, according to him.

He stated he wanted the Muslim community to basically police themselves and turn in any questionable threats coming from their own – something like what the Brownshirts did for the Nazis who attempted to take over the world.

He blamed gun control and the need for more laws to protect us. What about the bombs, bows and arrows, knives and rocks? He can take away all the guns he wants, but it won’t stop the killing. It only removes a source of protection from the people.

As for not putting boots on the ground to fight the Islamic State because that’s what it wants, we should have given ISIS what it wanted a long time ago. It more than likely would have stopped the beheading of our people and the other poor innocents.

We have heard the president’s big plan, with his empty words coming from an empty head. We are in a war, our people are vulnerable to attack and all he does is talk. It’s time for the people to take up arms under the Second Amendment to protect themselves.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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