Policies ruining nation

Perhaps I missed it, but I haven’t heard any words of sorrow from the White House for the fate of thousands of Christians who have been slaughtered in the Middle East. Yet, President Obama is ready to go to the mat for the so-called Muslim refugees invading our country and Europe!


Democrats make the absurd claim that there is no connection between terrorism and Muslims. Did you know that if you utter or publish words about the Muslim faith that can be construed as inflammatory, our attorney general is threatening your arrest?

The first obligation of the president and the Democrats, as it relates to the illegal immigration situation and the Islamic State, is the safety of the American people. Yet, they have illegally opened our borders to allow anyone into the country – criminals, terrorists and the innocent! They insist the people coming are not terrorists. Surely not all are, but by one estimate, at least one in 10 fit that description.

ISIS is making $100 million per month selling oil it has stolen. This money finances its terrorist actions. Yet the president will not order these wells to be destroyed out of concern for the environment. Global warming is a bigger threat than terrorism to him!

Drivers hauling the oil are warned by air-dropped leaflets that they must stop their trucks and run, because in 45 minutes they will be destroyed. The rationale for this is that we don’t know if those drivers are affiliated with ISIS or not, so they could be innocent. What in the world are these people who are supposed to be in charge thinking? Admit it or not – we are at war!

The destruction of America (as it was) is being deliberately engineered by Obama and the Democrats! Will we next have Sharia law by executive order?

Robert Smock




Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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