Dems send nation to ruin

In response to Lowell Greenbaum’s letter(“Watch for ‘bigger liar,’” Nov. 28):


President Obama said in Obamacare you could keep your health care and doctor, and premiums would not go up. He says our border is secure.

He also said the day before the attack in Paris that ISIS had been contained.

Dr. Greenbaum says that Donald Trump attacks Islamic citizens. The last time I looked, ISIS will strap suicide vests on women and children.

Now Obama wants to bring in thousands more undocumented refugees, putting our country in greater danger, just to get more Democratic votes.

I would ask Dr. Greenbaum why thousands of people, mostly college students, turn out to see Bernie Sanders. Is it because Sanders and Hillary Clinton offer them free stuff?

The Democratic Party has been dumbing down America for decades.

Dr. Greenbaum talks about Donald Trump being bombastic. Obama and Hillary Clinton studied Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals, which teaches how to overthrow a government by continuing to ridicule your opponents. Obama and Hillary do this every day.

Because of Obama’s weakness, America is more vulnerable to being attacked than any time in our history.

The Democratic Party today is not the one of your fathers or grandfathers. It is the Democratic Socialist Party.

Dr. Greenbaum was almost right about one thing – that the United States needs a bigger liar to lead us. We already have the biggest.

Ronnie Mullis




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