A question, Mrs. Clinton

After the sophomoric, stupid questions asked of the Republican candidates for president at the Oct. 28 debate, I have about given up on the mainstream journalists and their obvious bias. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz was correct in calling the journalists out for the stupidity of their questions.

I will feel these so-called journalists have some integrity when the following question is asked of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a debate:

“Madam Secretary Clinton, you were fired from the Watergate Committee Panel for lying and unethical behavior. You were also caught being less than truthful about being shot at in Bosnia. You knew it was an al-Qaida group that attacked our embassy in Libya when Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed, according to e-mails sent to your daughter as revealed by the recent Senate hearings. Despite knowing the truth, you told surviving family of those killed in Libya that you would ensure that the maker of a video, supposedly responsible for the demonstration, would be punished. Despite your knowledge of the truth, you did not appear to correct the record for others representing the U.S. government, including President Obama, who continued to report it was a demonstration days after the e-mail was sent.

“Madam Secretary, given these prevarications and many others attributed to you, why should the American people trust you as president?”

Of course you and I both know that no such question will ever be asked of Clinton by the “lamestream” journalists. They seem to think it is their job to protect her and not report the truth!