Obama is new Chamberlain

After almost 80 years of the United States containing Russian hegemony around the world, Barack Obama has re-written history by making the former Soviet Union the winner of the Cold War in extra innings.

He is more naive and timid than Jimmy Carter. His repeated capitulations to Putin and Islamic dictators and terrorists insult the sacrifices of our Armed Forces, their families, defense industry workers, and every U.S. taxpayer that kept most of the world free and at peace for most of those 80 years. He will be remembered as the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century.

If his plan was to disengage from foreign affairs while he fixed our domestic problems, he failed miserably at that too. He may be a great community organizer, Saturday Night Live guest, celebrity Tweeter, national apologist, and issuer of executive orders, but he is not qualified or competent to lead this nation.

The world is inching toward World War III in the Middle East. His response is to ban pork in federal prisons, claiming the majority of inmates (he means the Muslim inmates) don’t like pork. I pray daily to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit that the United States can survive the remainder of his term in office, and after he leaves the White House, our economy, security and national pride can recover. Obama really must hate the United States of America.



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