Obama failing citizens

We no longer have a government of which the people are ultimately in charge, for we as citizens have now been left out of that equation!


We have at this time a government of the elites, where they do as they wish regardless of the will of the people. The Obama administration has seen to this.

The Obama administration has made regulations by executive fiat, ignored the Constitution, bypassed Congress, and generally acted against the wishes of the citizens.

The Democrats in the legislative body have ceased to deliberate, and in a partisan manner have put the Democratic Party and the current administration before the welfare of the country.

This president came to office with nothing to recommend him except the pigment of his skin. He had no outstanding achievement or experience to base his election on, and appeared to be completely unprepared for the duties confronting him. He has been a failure of great magnitude, and thus has done tremendous harm to this country. That perhaps was his focus from the start!

And they lie about it all, boldly and brazenly. Our military has been decimated so that our force is at pre-World War II levels! There are 94,610,000 persons who have dropped out of the work force because they can’t find employment! That’s the worst record since 1977!

Yet, those who are so enamored of Obama and the Democrats still adamantly refuse to consider any of the criticism that is so obvious for others to see.

It seems most ordinary citizens are more intelligent and more discerning about the state of affairs than they are given credit for. This is a victory for common sense, which is not so common as once thought. Meanwhile, significant world leaders, who also are adversaries of ours, have correctly assessed Obama. They proceed to feast on his lunch. There is no fear!

Robert Smock




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