Liberals out of control

For most of my life, people in this country operated under an often-quoted principle: I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it. Now political correctness has run amok in this country, and whatever you say or do is subject to being seen as offensive to some individuals or groups, who will then ostracize you and endeavor to shut down your rights, and make you comply with their points of view. There always is someone who is offended!

How did we get this way as a society? Liberals have positioned themselves as societal monitors and have assumed judgment over what speech and what actions may be tolerated by them. Interestingly enough, their criticism does not extend to any of their own.

I think that is one reason Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls in his bid for president. He is bold, brash and outspoken, and the American people like that. There is a lot of anger out there from people who do not like what is happening to this country, and he has tapped into it.

We, as conservatives or Republicans, somehow have let the liberals and Democrats define who we are in a very wrong and negative way, and of course their definition is not flattering to us. Any person, group or organization who speaks ill of liberal policies immediately earns the title of “extremist,” “racist” or some other equally offensive character assassination.

We elect people to Congress who we think are going to oppose this liberal agenda, and more often than not they end up as part of it! Perhaps out of fear for their jobs or the news media, they often just suffer the slings and arrows of the Democrats without response.



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