Respect law officers

Everyone (regardless of color, religion, sex, etc.) needs to recognize that police officers are responsible for maintaining law and order, and should be respected.


If they are wrong about something, you will have your opportunity to protest later. If you are stopped while driving, keep your hands on your steering wheel or where the officer can see them. Talk with him and tell him where your license and registration are before reaching for them.

If you have a concealed-carry permit and a weapon, tell him where it is before moving your hands. Think of his side of the situation. He does not know you, and many policemen get shot by drivers – so do what the officer says. If he tells you to get out of your car, do so. Recognize he is in charge, and let him know it.

If you are not in a car and an officer gives you an order to stop, don’t keep going or give him any back talk. And certainly don’t challenge him verbally or physically. He has a responsibility to win the disagreement at that time. Later, you can challenge him legally.

If all citizens do this, it will prevent a lot of trouble and deaths, and some people who thrive on being divisive will have to find something else to do.

Neil O. Myers

Aiken, S.C.



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