'Progress' destructive

As I walked the North Augusta Greeneway one recent Saturday morning, the first two deer I saw were in the clearing in front of the proposed baseball stadium. They meandered into the woods as I watched. I saw the second two as I rounded the curve and started up the incline toward the intersection near Crystal Lake Drive and Alta Vista Avenue. And the third pair was between that intersection and the road to the boat landing.


Since Mayor Lark Jones is still saying the stadium is not a “done deal,” I take heart. But I have noticed the woods are slowly being cleared in that area. Please stop, if it is not a “done deal” yet. Before the city jumps in with a hotel, restaurants and shopping, remember the disaster that was Port Royal.

The residents of Hammonds Ferry, Savannah Pointe and the River Golf Club need to speak up. Building a home on a golf course is one thing. Whoever heard of anyone building a home, on purpose, in proximity of a baseball stadium, or a stadium of any sort? There are a lot of houses for sale in those areas. Has anyone asked why? It looks like Columbia County may get an even larger tax base soon with these former residents.

I have just one more issue to address: Georgia Avenue is the main corridor for ambulances to get from our fair city to the medical district. Are we really going to jam the bridge with even more traffic? It is pretty bad now between 4 and 6 p.m. coming into North Augusta. Adding the Medac employees, who will be going the other way, will make it worse. What do we think adding even more traffic will do on the bridge? I hope your loved ones don’t die in an ambulance trying to get across the 13th Street Bridge.

Cherry Young

North Augusta, S.C.