Make Augusta smoke-free

I am a research scientist, and our mission at Georgia Regents University is to conduct high-quality, innovative research on health promotion and disease prevention to advance knowledge and foster better health.


As someone who cares about the health of our community, I want to speak out on behalf of workers and patrons who want to breathe clean air in workplaces.

The BreathEasy Augusta campaign has a very simple concept: “If you choose to smoke, just take it outside.”

I very much support Augusta workplaces going smoke-free. I think the statistics on cancer prevention speak for themselves. We have known for over 50 years that smoking and cancer are related.

This has a personal impact for me. Although I have been a lifelong non-smoker, my father, who was a smoker, died of cancer.

Let’s not be the last city in the country to do this. Please help Augusta join communities across Georgia and the U.S. – and make our workplaces 100 percent smoke-free.


Vernon A. Barnes, Ph.D



(The writer is an assistant professor with Georgia Regents University’s Georgia Prevention Institute.)



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