Officers are impressive

Recently my husband, Bob, and I completed the Richmond County Sheriff’s Citizen’s Police Academy. This is a very comprehensive (and sometimes intense) 12-week exposure to the operation of the various divisions of the sheriff’s office.

It was a very enlightening experience in so many ways. We were especially impressed with the training of the officers and the level of education. Not only are they highly trained by their employer, but we were amazed at how many officers have not only completed college, but have master’s degrees! They are a smart, educated, prepared and very concerned group of people. We should all rest better knowing we have good protection.

A couple of points I want to make: First, the police are not the ones breaking the law – they are responders! Second, I have confidence in Sheriff Richard Roundtree and what he is doing with the department. If he requests additional funding, I would be the first to support it because we have seen firsthand how his office is carrying out the protection of our citizens. And, no, he didn’t tell me to say that – I haven’t talked with him at all.

I am very grateful to all the people in the sheriff’s office who literally put their lives on the line every day!