Obama goals unrealistic

David Axelrod, the man who engineered President Obama’s 2008 election campaign, wrote a best-selling book, Believer, about that campaign. In an interview about his book, Axelrod said of Obama’s campaign, “We could end wars, reform the health-care system, reduce climate change, and end discrimination against gays and lesbians.”


Ending war is an unrealistic dream shared by those who believe that everyone else shares their culture, values, religious beliefs and quality of life. These dreamers never suffered without food, clothing or shelter; were never deprived of their freedom; or were driven from their homes by armed terrorists. For some, war is a necessary act of survival. Ask the Kurds.

The only way to minimize war is to have well-equipped and trained armed forces, and the will to use them to protect national interests and security. Unfortunately, Celebrity-in-Chief Obama has no competence in military strategy and leadership or international power politics. As a result, he receives no respect from our enemies or allies. Ask Vladimir Putin and the Ukrainians.

The other campaign goals Axelrod listed are pure socialism, but the list was incomplete. He omitted amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders; repeal of the Second Amendment and confiscation of privately-owned firearms; and redistribution of wealth (i.e., the crushing taxation of the wealthy and middle classes and corporations to perpetuate their socialist welfare state and bloated government).

Note there were no campaign goals of increasing domestic manufacturing, employment and exports. Socialist voters would not be attracted by reducing the national debt, the trade deficit and the size and cost of the U.S. government. Obama and Axelrod knew these issues could be overcome by White House press releases and manipulation of data in government reports.

Axelrod states Obama bristled at an implication that he won the 2008 election based solely on the effort to get black voters to the polls. Black voter turnout was not the only factor. The other voters he appealed to were the young, idealistic students and graduates steeped in the socialist environment of high schools and universities, and the older folks who left that environment and never engaged the real world around them.

These dreamers bought into “hope and change” and “Yes, we can!” without asking “How?” and “How much?” As they never thought to ask those two questions, they had no interest in the outcomes and consequences of their votes.

That worked fine for Obama. He had no valid answers then, and has none now.



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