Obama is ruining nation

President Obama has stated that he wants to fundamentally change America. He rarely misses an opportunity to demean or downgrade the country. He obviously is on a mission to do as much damage to America as he can possibly do, and the latter part of his term in office is a particularly dangerous time for us.


He feels none of the constraints a president should normally feel as a lame duck. He knows he cannot run again, and he has an unfinished agenda that compels him to do as much damage as possible before he leaves.

During the State of the Union speech, there were glimpses of Obama as Congress knows him, and as those who pay attention have known he is. His rhetoric contained nothing new, but was the same old familiar class-envy message from the Democrats’ playbook. His proposed new taxes and spending is in addition to the multitrillion-dollar deficit already inflicted on the country. And he wants to dig the hole deeper.

The president was arrogant and obstructive as usual, dismissive of Congress and in a highly partisan mode. He will entertain no ideas that did not emanate from him or do not conform to Marxist philosophy. Democrats and media have protected and will continue to protect Obama in anything he does or attempts, regardless of the detrimental effects to the country. To them, the Democratic Party is of primary importance and supersedes all other concerns.

Caesar Obama and Democrats consider themselves to be the anointed ones – the ruling class whose obligation it is to manage the lives of others because we are lesser beings incapable of managing our own lives. They look upon the rest of us with scorn!

Robert Smock




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