Treat police with respect

I’ve seen continuous coverage of the killings in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City of supposed innocent people who were doing nothing wrong. Supposedly the police attacked them, and as a result they died. That spurred the insane actions of some people who think they have a right to steal and destroy other people’s property because they are upset with the findings of a grand jury.


This shows the world how far we have come in race relations and we have President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and other race-mongers to thank for this.

Now I ask the national media to explain why they have been silent on the killing of an unarmed teenager in Salt Lake City by a police officer.

Dillon Taylor was shot by Officer Bron Cruz, and no gun was found on or near his body. But a grand jury found Officer Cruz not guilty.

One major difference in the shootings: Taylor was white, and Officer Cruz was described as non-white. I am a white, middle-aged male, and after reading the report on the Internet, I totally support Officer Cruz in his actions and the findings of the grand jury.

The common element in all the reports of supposed illegal actions by police is the people who either refused to do what the police officers told them to do or placed their hands on an officer to resist arrest.

During my teens and early 20s, I was stopped many times by police for traffic violations, and I was the one who was breaking the law and paid the fines. But I always did what they told me to do. If I acted mature and treated them with respect, the majority of the time the officers did the same.

James Lewallen




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