'Lone wolf' theory flawed

Almost every day we read in the news that another “lone wolf” terrorist has slaughtered an innocent victim – or three. Recent “lone wolf” attacks have included a soldier hacked to death in London; shootings in Ottawa, Canada; car attacks in Jerusalem and Quebec; a hatchet attack in New York; and a beheading in Oklahoma City, just to name a few. More recently, a self-styled Muslim cleric in Sydney, Australia, attacked a coffee shop and held customers and staff hostage until police attacked and killed him. Two innocent bystanders also were killed.

According to news reports, all these attacks were perpetrated by “lone wolves” and not attributable to any particular terrorist organization. How convenient.

Why do governments and news agencies in the civilized world stumble over themselves to hide the truth? Don’t all these attacks have a common thread? Can’t all of you spot the central theme in these attacks when the perpetrators have Muslim names; shout Muslim slogans as they slaughter innocents; and have numerous Muslim connections when the police capture their computers and review their hard drives? Did you notice the term “Muslim” keeps popping up in my descriptions of the attacks?

It is not necessary to wear a T-shirt emblazoned with the al-Qaida logo, nor is it necessary to carry a Taliban ID in your wallet, for you to be a Muslim terrorist. Only two characteristics are necessary. First, you must be a Muslim, or ascribe to Muslim teachings; and second, you must be a terrorist. Except for politicians and news media driven by political correctness, there would be no such things as “lone wolves.” Instead of running from the obvious, we’d simply refer to them as what they are – Muslim terrorists – and stop beating around the bush.

To have any chance of surviving the ongoing war on terror, we’ll have to stop denying the identity of the enemy who walks among us.



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