Radical Muslims threaten

It seems the liberal mind cannot comprehend the fact that there are people who do not respond well to our attempts at being nice. Liberal thinking is that if we just prove to our adversaries that we love them and are sincere in our wanting accommodation with them, they will be overwhelmed at our good intentions and will respond accordingly.


Reality has now overtaken their distorted view of the world, as it always does, and President Obama does not know how to respond except to go golfing!

It will not be long until Iraq will be lost. Afghanistan will go the same way, as will Pakistan, Syria and probably Egypt. There will be a solid Islamist caliphate under sharia law in that region. Radical Muslims, always expanding, will offer the choice of becoming Muslim or death to those unfortunate enough to be within their grasp.

England and France, desiring to be seen as accommodating to Muslims, have set themselves up for destruction. America, policy-wise, under Obama appears to be sympathetic toward Muslims.

Obama has reduced our military to dangerous pre-World War II levels. In a political move designed to appease his supporters (who haven’t a clue how the world really works), he quit the war in Iraq precipitously and against the advice of people who knew better. We are now all in peril for the foreseeable future.

Muslim extremists have exposed their barbarity to the world. Will Obama have an epiphany and do the necessary things with the vigor that is required, or claim victory and retreat?

To all those who have surrendered their soul and country in support of the Democratic Party and Obama: You bought it! Caveat emptor! Whatever goes wrong is on you, too!

Robert Smock



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