Take the fight to ISIS

It makes my blood boil for these ISIS savages to behead anyone, especially an American. ISIS has threatened to behead others if President Obama doesn’t stop the bombings. If we stop the bombings, ISIS will take over Iraq and will have an Islamic state, which will be the breeding ground for militant Muslims who want to kill all Americans as they have stated.


We can’t stop the bombings; instead we must increase pressure on these barbarians and eliminate every one of them just like rabid dogs. These crazies are not going to stop until they have completed their mission, which is to make Islam the one and only religion in the world.

Obama should call in his remaining generals and give them two weeks to form a plan of attack to push these militants off the face of the Earth. Once a plan to eliminate them is resolved, let the military do its job. No politics, just the military.

Look at Vietnam. It was a political war that was run by the White House, and we lost. Do not allow our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to have died in vain.

Another thing: Keep the press out of it. The press twists and spins the news as their parent company wants to present it. Just look at the frenzy the press caused in Ferguson. Mo.

It is only a matter of time before ISIS and other militant groups hit us in the United States. We must be ready. Let’s kick their tails.

Sam Arrington




Wed, 11/22/2017 - 20:40

Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon