Don't snub laws or civility

I liked the editorial Aug. 18 about respect and civility starting with love (“You know this, but are you doing it?”). It also starts with the disciplined love of teaching our children how to listen and obey. Without obedience to basic, commonsense laws, there are many needless deaths, injuries and imprisonments.


From preschool, we teach our children to walk on the edge of the road and never go into the road without looking both ways. When adults refuse to walk on the edge of the road, law enforcement rightfully believes the pedestrians are up to no good. Since more cops die per capita than overseas military, they will of necessity have an offensive mind-set to protect themselves and their fellows. When people of any age risk their safety walking at night in the middle of the road, they are not obeying basic traffic rules of law and hundreds get hit every year. The drivers are not held liable.

Kids hanging out with kids who are not busy working or in school too often bully the neighbors or get into drugs. They may get into trouble by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Many adults try drinking “just a couple of beers” before driving, but who tells them they could end up locked up for years for killing someone while driving under the influence no matter their blood level?

Another example: Aggressive driving is against the law, but you would never know it by the law the Georgia General Assembly passed this year about using the left lane only for passing. It defies logic that drivers are now backed up on the right lane since people enter and exit that lane, whereas the very purpose of the four-lane highway was to relieve congestion. Twice as many people can get from point A to point B by having four lanes. But the new law thumbs its nose at speed limits saying essentially: Don’t listen to the law, drive past those slowpokes on the right so you can go 10 miles over the speed limit by driving on the left, because if you drive the legal speed limit you might be fined.

It is by not paying attention to basic laws that our country shows disdain for civility – not respecting laws and law enforcers when they are on the road, and not obeying the speed limits.

These are just a few examples of little laws that, when treated as not that important, cause immeasurable pain and suffering.

Priscilla Bence




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