Another broken law

The latest discussions about Augusta’s tax increase have not addressed the rampant waste of money by the Augusta Commission.


There was $25,000 spent on a search for a new city administrator. I assume that this number is only for the search firm, and all costs for travel for interviews should be added. There’s the lawsuit the city lost ($30,000-plus) as a result of the commissioners overriding the need to rebid health care management.

There are daily reports of waste by the commission for useless nonsense ideas and random thoughts that come in the middle of the night. Now some commissioners want to spend money on an evaluation of removing the elevated part of the Calhoun Expressway; take over the maintenance of Gordon Highway and Deans Bridge Road landscaping when the rest of the city needs landscape maintenance; improve the James Brown statue on Broad Street with lights and elevated steps; and launch numerous other studies that waste our money.

When will these arrogant individuals come to realize that their egos need to be brought under control, and they should start acting like the adults they claim to be? Taxes are necessary, but use the money wisely. Don’t waste our money on egotistical ideas that are neither needed nor desired. As has been stated, they work for us, and they can and should be replaced if they consistently waste our hard-earned money.

Richard J. Stuhler




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