Face coverings suspicious

Regarding the front-page article Aug. 17 about images of stereotypes (“Picture imperfect”):


Interviewee Ron Brown would like to be perceived as a good, law-abiding citizen no matter what he looks like. I would remind him that the image of a masked man never will be accepted by society in America. Look at our history in the West, when men robbed banks and committed other crimes. They covered their faces to hide their identities for breaking the law. In the Middle East, terrorists also dress like this.

I hope Mr. Brown doesn’t tell his children that it’s OK to look that way. Otherwise, they will have problems, too.

If he wants to be judged by the content of his character and not his color – or in this case, his image – he shouldn’t look like his masked photo, but his photo with his loving family.

Ronnie Mullis


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