Answer a few questions

Just wondering about Augusta government matters:


Why is the Augusta Commission determined to discourage small hospitality businesses with ever-increasing fees (taxes)?

Why is the commission determined to raise property taxes when folks are moving to neighboring counties (to avoid paying more for less service), rather than eliminate waste and duplication?

Why does every county agency seem to need an overpaid “spokesperson” to communicate with media? Why not let each agency head speak to media and save salary dollars?

What became of the additional revenue when trash pickup was reduced by 50 percent, thereby doubling fees for property owners? By the way, service was not improved – in my neighborhood, quality deteriorated.

About federal government matters:

Why are the chest-thumping “most powerful man in the free world’s” top priorities fund-raising, vacationing and playing golf when our nation is being invaded from the south by disease-carrying illegals and terrorists from countries too numerous to count?

Why is Congress not pulling out all stops to assist our Middle East allies and assist those thousands of Christians who are being killed by “JV team” terrorists?

Why is Congress not defunding frivolous spending programs that result from executive orders and their failure to uphold/implement what the executive branch considers the law of the land?

Cone S. Underwood




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