Don't tar Christian armies

Dr. Ayman Al-Hendy’s letter to the editor (“View of Islam is ‘naïve’,” Aug. 13) naïvely repeats the claim that armies from Christian nations have killed more people than any other religion, presenting it as historical fact.


I would like to refute that statement with well-documented facts.

Less than 7 percent of wars throughout history have been fought over religion. Only 123 of the recorded 1,763 major world conflicts have been fought over religious differences, according to Phillips and Axelrod’s Encyclopedia of Wars. Of the 7 percent of religious wars, 4 percent were attributed to Islamic armies and 3 percent to all other non-Islamic armies.

I would refer to killings of China’s Mao Zedong (60 million), the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin (40 million), China’s Chiang Kai-shek (10 million), Japan’s Hideki Tojo (5 million), the Soviet Union’s Vladimir Lenin ( 4 million), Cambodia’s Pol Pot (1.7 million), and North Korea’s Kim Il Sung (1.6 million) as evidence of the enormity of non-Christian armies’ killings.

One also should include Adolf Hitler’s 30 million victims. In Poland alone, he was responsible for the killings of 3 million each of Polish Jews and Christians. Hitler also aimed his genocide against ethnic Roma, homosexuals, the disabled and mixed-race children.

Hitler’s vision of a master race ruling the world could not be based on any reasonable description of a Christian army. One may add up the killings of Josip Tito, Saddam Hussein, Mullah Omar, and Idi Amin to get another 2 million deaths because of the armies that could not be described as Christian. These figures total more than 150 million deaths by non-Christian armies.

The Augusta Chronicle’s Aug. 9 editorial cartoon’s point was to describe that, currently, the listed killers have led or are leading armies that claim the Islamic faith as their basis for conquest – not what has happened throughout all history. What we see in Nigeria with Boko Haram. and ISIS in Iraq and Syria. are attacking armies forcing non-Muslim citizens to convert to their version of Islam – submit to dhimmitude and pay the jizya tax; or be killed, and have their daughters and wives enslaved.

I wish this were fiction, but it is not.

Mark Tribby, D.V.M.




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