No moral equivalence

Ron Hickerson’s letter to the editor “How can Israel justify?” (Aug. 4) makes me wonder how he would feel if he lived day and night under the threat of total destruction.


Has Mr. Hickerson already forgotten about the suicide bombers who greeted Israel after it returned Gaza to the Palestinian Authority?

Does he forget the hundreds of intact greenhouses that were given as gifts to help feed and employ Gazans?

With almost $500 million in aid just from America, and no telling how much from the rest of the world, it makes me wonder: Where has all the money gone? Tunnels, rockets or pockets?

Civilian casualties always are terrible no matter what the numbers. Is there less justification when U.S. drones strike the Taliban and innocents are killed? When America dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, and the ratio of civilians to combatants killed was more than 50 to 1, was that justified?

Israel’s technical ability intercepted hundreds of rockets before they hit urban areas. Would Mr. Hickerson be less critical if many more Israelis had been killed?

Israel protects its citizens; it doesn’t hide its military among the civilian population. When Hamas figures out it will never defeat Israel and decides to recognize its existence, I think Palestinians will find a willing partner to help them build a viable society. There is no moral equivalence!

M. David Alalof


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