Crisis goes unanswered

I remember years past when, if America faced a crisis, the president would address the nation, define the crisis and how to deal with the crisis. The people, state governments and the press would be mobilized to help with the plan.


President Obama’s reaction to the crisis on our southern border lacks the transparency and use of the bully pulpit I am accustomed to in America. His administration is having illegal immigrants here shipped around the nation and deposited, with limited input from state and local governments. As the crisis continues, apparently nothing is being done to stop the flow of thousands of people across our border.

What is the impact of Obama’s actions? Just consider America’s already-weak education system. School is starting soon.

Imagine a school district having to deal with 500 students with questionable custodial guardians, questionable immunization records, limited cultural adaptation and marginal English-language skills entering school systems without the awareness of the local authorities.

Consider the impact on welfare agencies, health-care agencies and law enforcement. Illegal-immigrant teenagers already are being recruited into gangs, or smuggled in to beef up gangs in North America.

Democrats such as Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley urged open borders, using the crisis to bash Republicans – until illegal aliens started being placed in his state and burdening his state budget. How quickly his opinion changed. This is a bipartisan crisis!

What is Obama’s plan? Blame Republicans and have Congress write him a check for $3.7 billion. Is this really going to go away and stop if Obama does nothing, or does he want this crisis to continue?

Either this is a plot to ruin America, or Obama heads one of the most incompetent presidential administrations in the history of America.



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